2024 EV and Hybrids: A Bright Horizon Ahead

Entering 2024, the electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid (HEV) market is poised on the cusp of transformative growth in the US. After a record-breaking 2023, this year is anticipated to be even more dynamic and promising. In late 2023, it was estimated that nearly 18% of all new cars sold in the US were battery-powered, whether a hybrid or EV. By the end of 2025, it’s estimated that one-third of all US cars sold will be battery-powered. Meanwhile, global adoption has far surpassed the US, with China and Europe both striving to have all-electric new sales by 2035.

The global push for cleaner, more sustainable transportation has led to unprecedented advancements and enthusiasm within the industry. As we look forward, several optimistic trends and developments are set to shape the EV and hybrid landscape in 2024.

1. Continued Growth and Market Expansion

Contrary to the notion of a market crash, 2024 is expected to witness a robust and steady growth in EV and HEV sales. Driven by stringent emissions regulations and growing competition, the industry is looking at a future where electric vehicles become the norm. With the U.S. market share of EVs projected to surpass 10%, the shift towards electric is not just continuing; it's accelerating.

U.S. Energy Information Administration
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

2. Strategic Adjustments Leading to Affordable Options

The industry is embracing strategic realignments, with automakers like Ford leading the way in cost optimization and learning from early models. This transition period is vital as it promises more affordable and efficient EVs in the market, making electric vehicles accessible to a wider audience. The focus on battery and software innovations is setting the stage for a new era of advanced, consumer-friendly EVs.

3. Hybrids: Paving the Way to a Fully Electric Future

Hybrid vehicles are crucial for transitioning to an electric future over the next decade. Offering a balance between eco-friendliness and familiarity, they provide better fuel efficiency and lower emissions while retaining the range of traditional engines. As a bridge technology, hybrids are instrumental in shifting public mindset and infrastructure toward electric mobility. With evolving battery technology and charging infrastructure, they're set to drive the sustainability shift, with their market projected to surge 22% annually through 2026, nearly tripling.

2024 Prius
Toyota Prius Prime SE hybrid with EPA-estimated mileage combined (MPGe) of 127 miles.

4. Startups and Giants: A Thriving Ecosystem

Both established automotive giants and startups have a unique opportunity in 2024 to demonstrate their innovative capabilities. Companies are expected to showcase new technologies and models that address past challenges and set new standards in the EV market. This year is a chance for every player, big or small, to prove their commitment to a sustainable future.

5. Anticipation of the NACS Era: A Future of Seamless Charging

The upcoming shift to Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS) is creating a buzz of anticipation. This transition is expected to revolutionize the EV charging experience, offering reliability and convenience akin to Tesla's Supercharger network. While 2024 is a transitional year, it's also one filled with excitement for the seamless charging solutions on the horizon.

6. Consolidation for a Better Charging Experience

The public charging infrastructure is on the brink of major consolidation, promising a more reliable and user-friendly system. This evolution is a response to consumer needs and a step towards a more integrated and efficient network. The focus is on enhancing the EV owner's experience, ensuring that charging is as effortless as refueling a traditional car.

7. Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis: Driving Forward with Determination

Hyundai Motor Group, including Kia and Genesis, is at the forefront of EV innovation. Their unwavering commitment and consistent sales growth are testaments to their potential as global leaders in the electric market. Models like the Kia EV9 are not just vehicles; they're symbols of a sustainable, high-tech future that's already within reach.

Kia EV9
All-Electric 2024 Kia EV9. Range: 304 miles. Towing capacity up to 5,000 lbs. Seating for up to 7 adults

8. Volkswagen vs. China: A Catalyst for Innovation

The competition between Volkswagen and emerging Chinese manufacturers is set to spur unprecedented innovation and development. This rivalry is not just about market share; it's a driving force for better, more advanced EVs. As companies strive to outdo each other, consumers can look forward to a range of enhanced options.

9. Tesla: Advancing the Industry

Tesla continues to lead the pack with its innovative models and expansive charging network. Despite challenges, Tesla's ongoing developments and expansions are significant contributors to the industry's overall momentum. As Tesla ventures into new territories, it pushes the boundaries of what's possible, encouraging others to follow suit.

10. The 2024 Election: An Opportunity for Reinforcement

The upcoming US elections are crucial for the EV and hybrid industry, with the potential to reinforce or reverse clean energy policies like the $369 billion Inflation Reduction Act. Though some candidates propose rollbacks, any change requires Congressional action. With Congress nearly divided and many seats up for grabs, the election's outcome is vital for future environmental and energy policies. Nonetheless, the increasing popularity and economic advantages of EVs advocate for ongoing support, irrespective of political shifts.


As we journey through 2024, the EV and hybrid market is set to shine brighter than ever. With technological advancements, strategic industry realignments, and a growing consensus on the importance of sustainable transportation, the future looks promising. Hybrids serving as a bridge and EVs leading the charge, the road ahead is paved with innovation and hope for a cleaner, more efficient, and exciting world of electric mobility.

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