A3 Global Opens Hybrid and EV Battery Reman Center

November 22, 2022

PHOENIXVILLE, Pa. (PRWEB) - A3 Global, a next-generation company focused on the future of mobility in the circular economy, announced today the opening of its hybrid and electric vehicle battery remanufacturing Center of Excellence in Phoenixville, PA. The center is designed for remanufacturing hundreds of hybrid vehicle batteries per month using reconditioning equipment from NuVant Systems, an A3 Global Company.

Nickel metal hydride hybrid vehicle batteries that are performing suboptimal or are nearing their end-of-life can be brought back to fully operational, like-new conditions through a reconditioning process using the NuVant EVC-30, developed by Professor Smotkin at Northeastern University. The reconditioned battery modules are reassembled into a new battery pack and reinstalled into a vehicle to give the battery a second life. In some cases where modules cannot be reconditioned, A3 Global has developed a proprietary technique to remanufacture battery packs using a mix of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and aftermarket modules.

“Together with the science developed by NuVant to recondition battery modules and the three generations of experience in remanufacturing at A3 Global, we’re able to combine our efforts to develop this Center of Excellence,” said Michael Cardone III, A3 Global’s CEO.

A3 Global Grand Opening
CEO Michael Cardone III performs a ribbon cutting with Rep. Chrissy Houlahan and Mayor Peter Urscheler

“For vehicle owners, having their battery remanufactured is an alternative to buying a new battery, which is expensive and has a negative environmental impact,” said Aaron Poynton, Chief Commercial Officer. “The average car is on the road for over 12 years, but the batteries don’t typically last that long, especially fleet vehicles,” he continued.

Congresswoman Chrissy Houlahan toured the new facility and said, “As an engineer and entrepreneur myself, it’s exciting to see quality, high-technology manufacturing jobs coming into the district. Southeastern Pennsylvania is home to many of the top businesses and leading innovators this country has to offer, so it’s no surprise we are continuing to grow. In Congress, I have strongly supported legislation to diversify American energy sources, and today I saw how the A3 Global battery remanufacturing center will help reduce our reliance on new batteries and contribute to a cleaner and healthier America. I look forward to seeing their work positively impact our community.”

A3 Global plans to begin servicing electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries from its Center of Excellence in 2023.


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About NuVant Systems Inc
NuVant Systems, an A3 Global company, is a worldwide provider of electrochemical instrumentation for academicians, industries, and national laboratories. We customize electronics for analysis, reconditioning and de-energizing of batteries for aftermarkets, repurposing, and end-of-life recycling. NuVant empowers small businesses and large vehicle fleets to improve energy storage device lifecycles, bringing electrochemistry to the streets. By integrating electronics and chemistry, we offer a scientific approach to success in the renewable energy market. For more information, visit http://www.nuvant.com

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