Replacing Your Hybrid Vehicle Battery: Which Option is Best

Replacing a hybrid vehicle battery is a reality that most hybrid owners eventually experience. Over time, a hybrid battery’s modules will wear out, causing a battery’s basic operations to fail or perform inefficiently. A hybrid vehicle with a failing battery will eventually cease to function, leaving you stranded on the roadside. To ensure your hybrid stays on the road, you will eventually need to replace its battery. With the average car staying on the road for more than 12 years, most batteries will need to be replaced at least once.  

We will walk you through the process and help you discover the best option for your hybrid vehicle.

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Don't ignore those "Check battery" indication lights or error codes.

When to know if your battery needs to be replaced

When you experience a dying hybrid battery for the first time, you may not realize that the battery is dying. At first, the signs are very subtle, and as time goes on and as more modules fail, the vehicle’s operations become an indicator that it’s time for the battery to be replaced.

Signs the battery modules are wearing out:

  • Fuel efficiency begins decreasing
  • Acceleration becomes more sluggish
  • The battery does not recharge like it once did
  • Driving time and distance before recharging is decreased
  • The battery meter becomes unstable
  • Code and computer errors indicate the need for battery repair / replacement

At first, many hybrid owners don’t know it’s the battery that is the issue until they get an error code or have a mechanic look at the vehicle. Once it’s realized that the battery is the issue, then the owner must decide how to proceed.

The dealership will most likely offer a brand-new battery, but there are other options for replacing the battery. Considering the depreciation of vehicles, putting in a new battery may not make sense as the battery will then be the most expensive part of the vehicle.


Replacing a hybrid battery with a new battery

The first thought for many is just to buy a new battery. It’s likely what was done with their old gas-powered vehicle, and their hybrid, up to this point, likely hasn’t had many problems or repairs, so why not just buy a new battery? It’s the logical choice until one discovers the cost can be $5,000 or more.

Cost aside, there are a couple of scenarios in which replacing with a new battery makes sense.

  1. The battery is still under warranty
  2. You plan on driving the vehicle for at least another 10 years
  3. You want to have confidence in knowing the battery is brand new

Before doing anything, check your vehicle’s warranty. Most car manufacturers have around an 8-year or 100,000-mile warranty. If the car is under warranty, then you can have it replaced for free from your manufacturer.

If the vehicle is not under warranty, then you have the option of buying a new battery or buying a remanufactured one. Buying a new battery is a good option for those who don’t mind paying several thousand dollars and who plan on keeping their vehicle for at least another ten years.


Replacing a hybrid battery with a remanufactured battery

The thought of buying something remanufactured can turn some people off. But, remanufactured hybrid batteries are high-quality, reliable replacement options for those looking to replace their hybrid battery.

A hybrid battery is made up of modules and begins to die as those modules wear out. So, when you purchase a reman battery, you’re not actually purchasing a dead battery that’s been repurposed but rather one in which the old modules have been reconditioned and balanced, making it functional as if brand new.

Remanufactured (or sometimes referred to as reman or reconditioned) batteries cost around $1500 - $2000 including the installation costs. Buying these types of batteries is one of the most common and practical ways to replace a hybrid battery and for good reason.

Benefits of replacing a battery with a remanufactured battery:

  1. Affordable
  2. Offers like-new performance
  3. Often comes with warranties of their own
  4. Immediately available (not subject to supply chain delays)
  5. Can be purchased and installed immediately with a local shop
  6. Many reman installers offer remote installation (at the customer’s location) so there is no need to bring it to a dealership

Most consumers choose to replace their hybrid battery with a remanufactured one because it is affordable, easy to do, and can have their vehicle running smoothly in no time. With a remanufactured battery, one does not have to pay the high costs of a new battery or wait for the long wait times associated with new batteries.

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Example of Hybrid Vehicle Engine.

Which replacement option is best for you?

New or remanufactured? Which is the best hybrid battery replacement option for you? That really comes down to your needs and preferences.

New batteries are often preferred to those with warranties still in place or who plan on keeping their hybrid for another ten years. They don’t mind paying more or waiting for several weeks to have their battery installed at a dealership.

Remanufactured batteries (the more common choice) are preferred among those who want a more affordable, convenient option and who anticipate purchasing a new vehicle or trading it in within the next several years. They understand that their vehicle’s value is depreciating, and purchasing a reman battery makes more economical sense.

So, which option is best? That depends entirely on your situation.

If you do decide to purchase a remanufactured battery, ensure you are choosing a high-quality battery from a brand you trust.


How to choose the right remanufactured battery

The most important part of replacing a hybrid battery is ensuring you have the best quality battery. Purchasing from an unreputable company or having the battery serviced by someone inexperienced can leave you with another battery failure sooner than later.

There are many reputable companies who offer reman battery replacements and knowing what to look for will help you ensure you are making the right choice.

Here is what to look for when purchasing a new hybrid battery:

  • The right battery for your make and model
  • Newly reconditioned modules that have been balanced with one another
  • Batteries that have been thoroughly tested
  • Warranty options

A good, remanufactured battery can last as long as a brand-new one.

When you know what to look for and you have found a reputable dealer, then you can be confident that the remanufactured battery you’ve purchased will likely last longer than you will have the vehicle for.

A3 Global is a world leader in remanufactured batteries for hybrid vehicles. We use the industry gold standard NuVant EVc-30 and EVd-40 to recondition and test batteries. If you are in the market for a replacement hybrid vehicle battery, contact us and we can discuss the process or link you up with one of our authorized service centers. Alternatively, if you are looking for new batteries (conversion kits), we offer those as well.

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